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About Us

The Ultimate Yachting Experience tailored to your need.


Google Yachts is one among the world’s finest luxury yacht charter booking portal. Anchored in Dubai, Google Yachts specialises in renting luxury yachts to the holiday loving crowd. Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai is a unique experience that lets you explore the Arabian Sea in style and splendour. We provide guests the freedom to customise the essence of the experience right from menus to routes and activities. It is undoubtedly, an unparalleled luxury resort at sea!

About Us

A yacht charter is the zenith of the ultimate vacation experience, here in Dubai. With a host of entertainment activities to choose from, the options are limitless. Whether you are planning to cruise through the Arabian Sea and get all touristy by eyeing the iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and The Palm or indulge in some action packed water sports, our experienced agents and excellent crew will guide you at every step helping you choose the right yacht, cruise route, and most ideal itinerary. A premium luxury yacht charter is luxury re-imagined, from absolute relaxation to breath-taking adventure and treasured family moments, it is indisputably the ultimate experience.

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Planning a yacht trip to Dubai? renting a private yacht rental to celebrate your special moment can be truly memorable. Rent a luxury yacht in Dubai with Google Yachts today and leave all the planning to us. Google Yachts, the world’s leading online platform for luxury yacht rental and yacht booking in Dubai can help you find and book your dream yacht easily. Google Yachts allows you to rent a yacht for a night and enjoy the Dubai Marina luxury yacht tour.  Whether you want to celebrate special occasions like a birthday party or a wedding on yachts, or whether you want to have some quality time with your loved ones like a family get-together or a fishing trip, Choose our services for yacht rental Dubai. We make all the arrangements for you. Host a unique and unforgettable celebration with our luxury private yachts built with a complete range of comforts and amenities for your sailing pleasure. Get ready to kick your heels off and indulge all your senses with the picturesque beauty of Dubai's coastline.  

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