Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

Corporate Yacht Charter Dubai

Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

Organizing a corporate events yacht charter might be the very change of scenery your employees need to rejuvenate their spirits and renew their passion and enthusiasm. Whether you are expecting an intimate party of 10 guests or a celebration for over 200, Google Yachts brings a huge selection of yachts for hosting uninterrupted business meetings, corporate events, product launches, client appreciation parties, or office holiday parties. Apart from the private yacht charter Dubai itself, we also service requirements such as drinks, barbecues, food, and DJ.

Corporate events yacht charter in Dubai refers to the rental of a yacht for a corporate event, such as a business meeting, team-building activity, or networking event. Yacht charter companies in Dubai offer a variety of yachts for rent, ranging in size and amenities. They can also provide catering, entertainment, and other services to make the event a success. These events are popular in Dubai due to its beautiful coastline, luxurious marinas, and prestige associated with hosting an event on a yacht.


Corporate Yacht Trip

Whether you are planning for a corporate yacht trip atmosphere or something formal, our customizable packages have flexible offerings that accomplish everything in the most exclusive, professional, and well-organized way. We have the onboard facilities to accommodate the needs of your corporate event and those of your guests – from boardrooms complete with projectors and satellite communications to beauty salons and saunas. Our professional crew strives to ensure that your event is nothing less than exceptionally memorable. Be it for elegant evening parties or formal conferences and meetings, our corporate cruise is best suited to the needs and purposes of your event goals.


Birthday Party
Birthday Party

Special Cruise, Balloon Decor, Cake & Boquet

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Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai
Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai

Custom party package, Team Building space, DJ party with Buffet Dinner,

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Wedding on Yachts
Wedding on Yachts

Yacht wedding party, Décor & Food, Photo/Video shoot

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Yachts Proposal
Yachts Proposal

Surprise your loved one, Special Yacht Décor, Propose her in all luxury

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Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise

2HRS Special Cruise, Sunset view from Deep Sea, Memories of lifetime

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Boat Hire Dubai
Boat Hire Dubai

4HRS Deep Sea Fishing, Fishing rods & bait, Expert Captain & crew

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Fishing Trip
Fishing Trip

4HRS Deep Sea Fishing, Fishing rods & bait, Expert Captain & crew

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Yacht for Corporate Events

People often advise against mixing work and pleasure, although this isn’t always necessary.

At Google Yachts, we strive to offer our corporate customers business Luxury Yacht Charter packages that are tailored to their particular requirements.

Customers can pick a luxury yacht charter in Dubai that meets their needs whether it be for a new product launch, corporate meeting, team-building activity, or exhibition.

With Google Yachts, clients may get a luxurious yacht that is kept up to date as well as the assistance of a knowledgeable crew and captain.

Our fleet of stylish, up-to-date charter yachts is furnished with the newest amenities and technology.

Corporate Events On Yacht Charter In Dubai

First off, Google Yachts offers you a wide range of yachts for your yacht rental events in Dubai to our years of experience.

In other words, a corporate cruise is ideally suited to the requirements and objectives of your company goals event, from formal conferences and meetings to exquisite evening celebrations.

As a result, renting a yacht from Google Yachts might be very advantageous.

Corporate Services

However, Google Yachts will offer you the following corporate yacht rental Dubai events as part of our services:

Employees Award

At Google Yachts we provide private yachts, to host employee award events. With the best professional environment accompanied by good food.

Product Launch

A luxury yacht can be an ideal choice to host a product launch event. With our staff members, we help you to arrange an event that you wish for.

Corporate Seminar

Whether it be a corporate seminar event or an annual meeting, choosing a yacht is all you need.

Likewise, when it comes to managing corporate events, we work with the best staff in Dubai.

In this instance, our event team offers the ideal venue choices based on the nature of your event.

At Google Yachts, we recognize the importance of your occasion and take steps to ensure that everything is flawless.

Our hardworking team makes your events memorable. You won’t need to worry about anything if you choose us.

We take care of everything, from providing delicious cuisine to providing the ideal décor for gatherings.

We are renowned for having the greatest planning, conceptualization, and implementation in Dubai.

Services We Offer

As one of the yacht companies in Dubai, we offer:

Dubai Marina Private Yacht

Setting up a business event yacht charter in Dubai could be just what your staff needs to boost their spirits and restore their enthusiasm.

And a location like Dubai Marina could be an ideal choice due to its scenic beauty and it is being one of the major attractions.

Google Yachts offers a wide range of yachts for planning a modest gathering of 10 people or a party of over 200.

Along with the luxury yacht, we also provide service for things like cocktails, barbecues, food, and DJs.

Booking a yacht at Dubai Marina can be a nice idea.

Corporate Yacht Trip Cruise

To make your corporate yacht trip amazing, our bespoke packages contain adaptable solutions that accomplish everything.

In the most upscale, professional, and well-organized way, whether you are preparing for a party environment or something formal.

We provide the onboard amenities to meet both your event’s and your guests’ needs, including boardrooms outfitted with projectors and satellite communications with beauty salons.

Our skilled team present works diligently to make sure that your event is nothing less than incredibly unforgettable.

Our corporate events yacht charter Dubai is ideally adapted to the requirements and objectives of your event goal.

Why Google Yachts?

To plan corporate events aboard a yacht has always been fascinating.

Do you wish to plan a corporate yacht charter Dubai event that will wow your visitors and provides them with unforgettable memories to treasure for years to come?

Dubai will more than meet your needs for a corporate meeting.

Google Yachts, in particular, has specialized corporate event planners that can work with you to make your event a success.

We provide cutting-edge luxury yachts that are decked out in style and furnished with the newest amenities and technologies for your enjoyment.

Our qualified staff will make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the event, whether it’s a casual or formal gathering.

Finally, we also offer you a bespoke event following your desires in addition to our suggested boats for events.

Therefore, the next time you need to plan a corporate event, contact us for the best packages.